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Hardware and software requirements

1. You will need the i386 compatible dual-core CPU running at 1.5 GHz core frequency at least. Please do not consider any "energy-efficient" options and go for a midrange desktop CPU for your own safety of mind. I suggest going for the 2+ GHz Intel i3/ Pentium G6xx or AMD Athlon II X2/ X3. You might try to use some less powerful processors like Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, Athlon X2, though.

Update: Pentium 4 seems to be OK too, as well as AMD E-350.


2. At least 1 Gb of RAM should be enough, though 2 Gb will make a bit more sense, especially in the dual-channel configuration (two, not one memory stick).


3. A DAQ card supported by Comedi is required. Please see the list, and if unsure, get in touch with a local guru or me.


4. Linux with installed Qt 4.5 and Comedi. The development is done on a PC running Ubuntu Linux; thus Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions will get the most efficient support, and it will be wise to choose from one of them.


5. The program should be able to run from the diskless workstation, so the HDD or SSD are not exactly needed. The program itself uses a few megabytes of disk space on a disk or a server.


6. If you are buying a new PC, please make sure it has a good power supply unit. My personal recommendation will be to look at the 400-500 W PSU from the upper half of the price range. Cheap units sometimes produce a lot of "hum".

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